What is Mantra Made Easy?
MME's Songs are a fresh & current take on Affirmation Music. They are in a Pop Song Format, are offered in a Variety of Musical Styles and can be listened to Anywhere, Anytime. 
Each Song has Affirmations on a singular topic and a Musical Style that perfectly suits its mood. For example: “Peace” has Calming Celestial sounds of Piano & Orchestra; “Happiness” is a Joyful Upbeat Pop Ballad; “Purpose” has Energetic, Driving beats, etc.
They are designed to help you Create Beliefs that Support your Desires, so you can receive more of what you want in life.  
Listen, Believe & Receive!

Watch the video below of MME Full Length Song  "Happiness" for a detailed description of each of the section of the Pop Song Format.

"To change your life, change your beliefs"    
Mantra Made Easy is finally a way to do just that! 

A belief is simply a thought that has been a repeated enough times to become permanent.                                 
MME Songs provide an easy & enjoyable way to get the repetition needed for a thought to become a belief, while activating the positive emotions necessary to attract what we want.
Created with the everyday person in mind, the Pop Song format and 3-5 minute listening time make them easy to incorporate into everyday life.

What Makes MME Unique? 

  • A resource exclusively designed for Creating New Beliefs 
  • Pop Song Format with verses, chorus & bridge, the music changes at just the right time to keep your interest peaked
  • Easy to Use:  Can be listened to anywhere, anytime
  • Positive Wording Only keeps the focus on desired results (and avoid an unintentional focus on lack). MME offers 100% positive programming!
  • Variety of Musical Styles:  the style of music for each song is specifically tailored to suit it's topic - the calming classic celestial sounds of "Calm/Peace". the powerful driving beats of  "Purpose" & the upbeat Brazilian rhythms of "Job Fulfillment" 
  • Topic Specific: Each song is focused on a singular topic so you can choose the areas you want to focus on
  • Questions are included in each song to help you discover what individually works for you
  • Easy to Understand: the phrasing is easy to understand, apply to your life 
  • Emotionally Evoking: the mood evoking music immediately gets us feeling, believing and ready to receive!
  • Heartfelt Delivery: makes you feel as though you are hearing supportive words from a loving friend
  • Short Listening Time: each song lasts only 3 - 5 minutes
  • Gender Neutral - all mantras are worded so they can apply to any gender (Ex: What do I want in a romantic partner? Instead of what do I want in a man or woman?)
  • Male & Female Voice Option: every song is available with either a male voice or a female voice reciting the mantras so you can choose(Male Voice option COMING SOON! Join our mailing below to be notified when) 

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Listen, Believe & Receive!

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