About Amy K 

About MME Creator Amy K:  
        Amy K is a professional Guitarist, Songwriter, Voice Over Artist, Vocalist & Entrepreneur in Phoenix, Arizona. She holds a Bachelors of Music in Classical Guitar Performance, has achieved First Place wins in Electric & Classical Guitar Competitions, and has appeared in Fender Magazines & Catalogs.  
        Mantra Made Easy is culmination of all her musical, professional & personal experiences. She practices yoga, meditation & frequently enjoys uplifting self-development resources. 
         Knowing that our beliefs are at the center of all that is created in our lives; she wanted an easy way to get the repetition needed for a positive thought to become a permanent belief – so she created Mantra Made Easy Affirmation Songs.  
        She combined her love of Pop Music and Personal Growth Resources to create a fresh & current take on Affirmation Music.  She combines carefully crafted Affirmations (Mantras), Introspective Questions & a wide Variety of Musical Styles (Pop, Brazilian Techno, New Age, etc.) - all in an accessible 3-5 minute Pop Song Format. Each Song is focused on a singular topic of common human desire (Love, Money, Purpose, etc.), and is designed to Program the Mind with Abundant Beliefs that support our Desires & Dreams.  
          She writes all music, lyrics, and performs all guitars & vocals in her original songs below and she owns, operates & teaches students of all ages at Amy K Music in Phoenix, AZ. Her hobbies include Ballroom Dancing and Improv Comedy.  

Amy K's Original Pop/Rock Music: https://mantramadeeasy.com/mp3s
Amy K writes all music & lyrics; and performs all guitars & vocals in her original songs above. 

Her professional experience includes: 
   First Place wins in electric & classical guitar competitions in AZ (including Guitar Center’s Guitarmageddon) 
  Appearances in Fender magazines & catalogs for the New American Strat, Grand Nylon & Charvel guitars 
  Bachelor's of Music in Classical Guitar Performance Summa Cum Laude; Music Major of the Year Award recipient 
   Performing classical guitarist at corporate & private events, guitar orchestra, concert halls & various ensembles 
   Performing electric guitarist in various original & cover; rock & progressive rock bands 
She continues to write & record while owning, operating & teaching at Amy K Music Company in Phoenix, AZ.