FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mantra?
MME defines mantra as: A group of words designed to create healthy beliefs and inspire positive change.  Listening repetitively to a mantra allows its meaning to absorb and positively influence our thoughts, words, choices and actions. 

How do Mantra Made Easy Songs work? 
A belief is simply a thought that has been a repeated enough times to become permanent. 
MME Songs provide an easy way to get the repetition needed for a thought to become a permanent belief.   
​Many of our current beliefs were programmed unconsciously by listening to and observing those in our environments. If beliefs can be formed through unconscious listening, then purposeful repetitive listening to the abundant beliefs of MME Songs can contribute to the creation of healthy beliefs. Through repetition, we find assurance and ultimately a permanence of beliefs that support our desires. 

Who can use MME Songs? 
Anyone & Everyone!
Anyone that is interested in creating abundant beliefs & positive perspectives; or simply wants to hear some uplifting, supportive words.  
Whether you are new to personal growth resources, or have been meditating for decades, MME Songs have something for you!  
The variety of musical styles & enjoyable Pop Song Format make them easily accessible for everyone.

When should I listen to MME Songs? 
Anywhere, Anytime! 
~ Set as an alarm or ring tone on your phone, a wonderful way to wake up!
~ Morning: start your day with positive words & intentions. The mind is fresh & receptive when we first wake 
~ Bedtime: as you lay in bed, nourish your mind with abundant beliefs & allow them to "set in" & absorb all night long
~ During Exercise: as energy flows through the body, the mind is calm, receptive & easily assimilates new information. Listen while walking, dancing, stretching, yoga, shavassana, etc.

How should I listen to MME Songs? 
Anyway that feels good to you. Here are some ideas: 
~ Pick One MME Song & listen to it Everyday for 21 Days  
~ Listen to One New Song per day 
~ Listen Actively: sit quietly and focus on receiving what you hear 
~ Listen Inactively: as background music during other activities 
~ Speak Aloud: speak affirmations aloud, our words create our future (Lyrics are available next to each song here)

Which MME Songs are right for me?
Simply choose one that you feel drawn to, or try them all.  MME Songs bring positive attention to any area of your life. 

Why does listening to this MME Song make me cry?                                                                                       
This is an indication that the topic of the song is an area that needs healing, and that this is something’s you've needed to hear for a long time.  If unexpected emotions arise – breathe slowly, relax, and provide the space for them to move through you, so it can release. Listen to this song repeatedly and often, until it eventually makes you smile. This is when you know you’re beginning to believe these positive words are true. 

What if I can’t think of answers to the questions?
If no answers come to you in the moment you are listening, there is no need to worry. Simply asking the questions will get your mind unconsciously searching for answers, and they will likely pop into your mind when you don't expect it.  Listen for the response of your heart and trust what you receive. The key to personal success is finding what works for you – as it is different for everyone. By asking ourselves these questions we are likely to come up with creative solutions that are in alignment with who are and will work for us.

How do I know if I have limiting beliefs?
Chances are, if there are things in life that you want but haven’t received yet, you may have some limiting beliefs around that area of your life. You don’t necessarily need to know if you have limiting beliefs or what they are – in order to start programming positive ones that are more aligned with what you want. MME Songs energize our desires with the positive emotions necessary to attract what we want.

Is Mantra Made Easy Religious?
MME is not associated with any religion or religious practices, and does not conflict with any religion or religious beliefs.  It is simply a mindful practice intended to inspire positive change, so we can ultimately experience more joy, peace and fulfillment. 

Can MME Songs help me heal?
We always feel better when someone offer words of inspiration, encouragement, love, and hope. The people in our lives may not always be able to do this for us when we need it, or in the way that we need it.  MME Songs are a way to hear the loving words we all deserve to hear, and a way to give ourselves what we need.

How can I contact MME?
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