About the Songs

MME’s unique combination of Mantra & Music creates a powerful way to experience Positive Emotions around Desire.  
The Mantras were carefully crafted with abundant wording and 5 Different Types of Mantra Beliefs
The Music was chosen to suit it's topic and create a mood that immediately connects us with our emotions.
The Pop Song format is memorable and enjoyable - the music changes at just the right time to keep your interest peaked. 
Learn more about the Unique Features of the Mantras & Music in the video and text below.

"Happiness" Full Length Song Video 

The Mantras

What makes our Mantras so Effective? 

     ~ Positive Wording ONLY: We were careful not to choose words like "effortlessly" because the root of this word is ‘effort’. Instead, we use "easily" because the root of this word is "easy".  And easy is what we want! (another example: instead of "I will not fear"; use "I am brave") MME Songs provide 100% Positive Programming! 

    ~ Easy to Understand: realistic and natural phrasing makes it easy to understand & apply to your life 

    ~ 5 Types of Mantra Beliefs: Each Song includes 5 Types of Mantras in a progressive sequence that realistically moves us through where are now to where we want to be. This helps us to connect with the present, while actively pulling us into the future we seek. 

  1. Creation Mantras: invite in more of what you seek 
  2. Present Mantras: you are receiving now 
  3. Future Mantras:  what you are creating for your future 
  4. Question Mantras: help you find what individually works for you 
  5. Fulfilled Mantras: you already have what you seek 

An example of these 5 Mantra types from "Financial Abundance": 
I invite more wealth into my life  
I am receiving money right now  
I am becoming more financially abundant every day  
What financial opportunities are available to me?  
I am already rich

    ~ Healthy Emotions: helps us keep positive focus on our desires and feel the joys of receiving them. We may unintentionally focus on lack if we experience negative emotions around something we want; like feeling lonely or sad when seeking a romantic relationship. We attract more of whatever we are feeling - so to attract love, we must feel love. MME Songs help you energize your desires with the positive, joyful emotions necessary to attract them. 

     ~ Introspective Questions: the self-inquiry questions allow you to find solutions that work for your individual circumstances & lifestyle. In the space that follows each question, quiet your mind & listen. Simply asking the questions will get your mind unconsciously searching for answers.

The Music

What makes our Music so effective? 

  ~ Pop Song Format: created with the structural components of a classic pop song (verse, chorus, bridge) - the music changes at just the right time to keep your interest peaked: 

  • Intro with Opening Statement: sets the mood & states a central belief about the topic
  • Verse 1: positive, abundant beliefs about the topic  
  • Chorus: 3 Core Mantra Beliefs that summarize the topic   
  • Verse 2: specific ideas & action steps you can take  
  • Chorus: 3 Core Mantra Beliefs
  • Bridge with Self-Inquiry Questions: helps you discover what works for you 
  • Chorus: 3 Core Mantra Beliefs
  • Outro with Closing Statement: one powerful statement to close the song 

   ~ Customized Music: the music of each song is chosen to suit it's topic & enhance the meaning of the Mantras it supports. The calming, Celestial Sounds of "Peace", upbeat Brazilian Grooves of "Job Fulfillment", the driving Electronic Beats of "Purpose" - the music perfectly suits the topic and gets you in the mood to receive!

 ~ Variety of Musical Styles: MME uses many music styles & genres, ensuring there is something for everyone. (meditative, world, electronic dance, pop, orchestral, new age and more)   

~ Emotionally Evoking: the music creates a mood that immediately gets us into feeling, believing, and ready to receive!

~ Facilitates Retention: the emotional impact of the music promotes quick absorption of the Mantra Beliefs. Feeling in our hearts, while listening with the intellect of our minds opens us to receive & allows the messages to absorb quickly and easily.

Listen, Believe & Receive!

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