Voice Over & Studio Work - Amy K

Amy K is a professional Voice Over Artist, Guitarist, Vocalist, Songwriter & Entrepreneur in Phoenix, Arizona. 

As a VO Artist, she specializes in Meditations & Audio Books in Self Development, Science & Spiritual Genres.  Her feminine voice is balanced with lower tones; creating a warm and comforting sound that is friendly, nurturing and relatable. She excels at being able to  clearly understand a client’s needs and cleanly deliver what is appropriate for any project.  

She is the creator of Mantra Made Easy - a fresh & current take on Affirmation Music. 
Her love of Pop Music and Personal Growth resources combined to create rich intelligent content that is tailored for accessibility by all.  MME's  "Songs for Creating New Beliefs" are in a Pop Song Format, are offered in a Variety of Musical Styles and can be listened to Anywhere, Anytime.

Amy's  professional experience includes a Bachelors of Music in Classical Guitar Performance; First Place wins in Electric & Classical Guitar Competitions, appearances in Fender Magazines & Catalogs, and studio work as a guitarist, vocalist, voice-over artist & songwriter.  For over 22 years, she has owned, operated & taught music lessons at Amy K Music in Phoenix, AZ.  

Amy is currently working on an album of Spiritual Pop Songs designed to appeal to people of all spiritual/religious backgrounds; and authoring her first book in the genre of Spiritual Fiction. Her hobbies include Ballroom Dancing and performing with Improv Comedy Troupes. 

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