God as a Loving Couple: The Divine Parents of Us All

In the beginning, there was Love. 
Love between the ultimate Mother and Father. 
Together, they created all that is. 
Every leaf on every tree, every galaxy, every world; was engendered into the physical realm with the creative energy of their Love. 
The joy & peace of their Unity imbued everything with the Divine Energy that animates all things. 
Joining together in Divine Partnership to do what could not be done alone. 
Initiating Creation, and continually nurturing the infinite unfolding of their progeny. 

Maybe God is not a single entity, but a divine partnership of pure love. 
For nothing in this world can be created without a balance of both masculine and feminine energies.
All creation is co-creation. Human males and females mate to create new life. Together they bring forth a being that is the physical manifestation & embodiment of their mutual love. 
And why would God and the initial creation of all that is be any different? 

We are all one family.
Here to share this world, this Earth, the beauty; the joys and rises & falls of human emotion and experience. To accept each other as brothers and sisters of one family that shares the same Divine Parents. The most capable omnibenevolent Guardians always watching over us, loving us; providing for us, and guiding us.

I see & feel their support in so many wondrous and unexpected ways all around me, every day. 
In every smile, in every breath, in subtle winds that brush upon my face.  In the comfort & Grace that surrounds me in times of need, and in the joyful serendipity of synchronicities and opportunities.
This love, support & guidance is here for all of us – in the form of the Divine Loving Parental Partnership. 

I see God as a Loving Couple, the Divine Parents of us all. 


* This article shares an idea to be pondered. It does not proclaim to be truth; nor does it intend to challenge or dispel any differing beliefs. It is shared with respect and reverence for all views on God and Spirituality.

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